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Everspry Automated Shoeprint Matcher system uses advanced AI technology for fast and accurate matching against EverSole database, effectively increasing the value of shoeprint evidence in solving criminal cases.


EverSole database is a detailed collection of 100,000 footwear items. It is regularly updated and carefully maintained. It includes a wide variety of shoe types, sizes, and designs, making it an invaluable resource for forensic experts in analyzing and identifying shoeprints.


EverISS is a state-of-the-art, portable shoeprint inspection equipment for forensic investigations at crime scenes. With advanced technology, it offers high-precision scanning capabilities, multiple scanning modes, and a lightweight design. EverISS scans 2D and 3D shoeprints on various surfaces and supports Wi-Fi and tablet devices. Its high-precision capabilities and portability make it a valuable tool for CSI experts.


EverOS is a leading digital acquisition equipment for low-cost and clean outsole shoe patterns. It offers high-resolution image acquisition, automatic image saving, and cost-effective data storage, making it ideal for law enforcement agencies. EverOS has excellent load-bearing capacity and a large outsole acquisition area, making it versatile and durable for use in police stations and forensics labs. It is a reliable and efficient tool for police officers to capture shoeprints and identify suspects.

Our Technology & Service

All our technology is proprietary and patented. We are always working on improving and raising the quality of our products.

Artificial Intelligence

Utilizing an AI algorithm enables the accurate retrieval of shoeprint pattern features with a high degree of matching precision.


World's largest shoe model database with over 100,000 shoe models and shoeprints. Powerful search engine to perform shoeprint matching in real-time.


Our line of software products consists of EverASM, EverSole, EverFACT - all time tested and reliable tools that can operate completely offline as standalone apps.


EverOS is an optimal device for custody suites. EverISS and EverILS are useful devices for crime scene investigation. All these devices are accompanied by apps.

Cloud Solution

We support anyone who requires quick shoeprint matching, academia, private investigators, etc. Simply register and start using our AWS powered service.


We provide free shoeprint matching service during official software trials. We also provide this service as part of our Software Maintenance offer.

Our Clients Around The World

Our main customers consist of criminal investigation departments and forensics, but we also work with universities to aid their ongoing research.


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