Wide range of feature marking tools

EverFACT provides a wide range of feature marking tools, including line, curve, circle, rectangle, polyline, and more. These tools enable experts to mark and highlight different features on the shoeprint for detailed analysis. By using these tools, experts can identify key patterns and features, such as wear patterns or unique design elements, which can help to identify the potential suspect.

Precise shoeprint comparison

EverFACT uses overlapping comparison at the same scale to provide precise shoeprint comparison results. This feature ensures that experts can accurately compare different shoeprints and identify similarities or differences. Additionally, EverFACT allows experts to export the comparison results, enabling them to share their findings with others and build strong cases based on available evidence.

Pattern feature management

EverFACT manages pattern features through categorical classification, enabling effective organization and management of the different patterns present in the shoeprint. This feature helps experts to efficiently analyze the shoeprint and identify potential leads based on the unique patterns and features.

Project-based shoeprint image management

EverFACT provides project-based shoeprint image management, enabling users to save and compare multiple shoeprints in engineering mode for efficient operation and management. This feature allows experts to quickly and accurately compare different shoeprints, enabling them to build strong cases based on available evidence. The project-based shoeprint image management feature ensures that experts can efficiently manage and analyze the data, enhancing the overall efficiency and accuracy of the forensic investigation.