Our Technology & Service

All our technology is proprietary and patented. We are always working on imporing and raising the quality of our products.

Artificial Intelligence

Utilizing an AI algorithm enables the accurate retrieval of shoeprint pattern features with a high degree of matching precision.


World's largest shoe model database with over 100k of shoe models and shoe prints. Powerful search engine to do shoe print matching in real-time.


Our line of software products consists of EverASM, EverSole, EverFACT - all time tested and reliable tools that can operate completely offline as standlaone apps.


EverOS is optimal device for custody suites. EverIS and EverILS are useful devices for crime scen investigation. All these devices are accompanied with apps.

Cloud Solution

We support everyone who requires quick shoeprint matching, academia, private investigators, etc. Simply register and start using our AWS powered service.


We provide free shoeprint matching service during official software trials. We also provide this service as part of our Software Maintenance offer.