Everspry Intelligent Shoeprint Scanner

Crime scene shoeprint evidence has been widely used by forensic experts world wide. It is not only the most abundant evidence left at crime scenes but has become indispensable in solving cases through its combined application with other evidence.
Dust shoeprints constitute over 95% of the total shoeprint evidence, and EverISS is specifically developed for the challenging collection of dust shoeprints. The collection effectiveness has been acknowledged by shoeprint experts.

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Everspry Outsole Scanner

Swiftly capture the pattern of an individual's outsole shoe patterns in just 2 seconds, obtaining evidence of the shoe impression. The collected images can be saved as files on the computer or directly stored in the database for querying and comparison.


Everspry Automated Shoeprint Matcher

The system allows the creation of local crime scenes, suspects, and shoe model databases, saving both text and image data.
You can use crime scene shoeprint images to query the EverSole shoe model database.
The software offers comprehensive feature matching capabilities, enabling the marking of shoe sole pattern features and saving the marked images on your local computer.

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EverSole Annual Subscription

Every year, we update over 5,000 new shoe models, providing a continuous source of fresh data for shoe model queries. We have a total of more than 100,000 shoe models in the database.
The EverSole shoe model database includes the world's mainstream shoe brands and styles from 2009 to the present. 
We also offer shoe model processing services. You can provide shoe model images and text data, and we will process them into a standardized format for import into your database.

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