Celebrating the 23rd anniversary of Everspry!

June 30, 2023

On June 18, 2023, Everspry celebrated its 23rd anniversary by having a 11.5 km walking in Dalian. More than 100 employees participated in this event, symbolizing Everspry's strides in shoeprint recognition and contribution its development.

Dalian is a beautiful city located on the shore of the Bohai Sea. We walked between the mountains and the sea, in the shade, feeling the sea breeze blowing against us and the coolness of the shade. To find a little peace in the busy city, we put aside the trifles of life and the pressure of work, walked on the wooden boardwalk, to get close to nature.

Everspry is a positive and stable company. Established 23 years ago, it has experienced ups and downs, people have come and gone, but the team spirit has not changed, the culture has not changed, and company mission has not changed. Perseverance and forging ahead are the ever-present beliefs of all people at Everspry.

We played games to bond as a team. We gave full play to our potential and displayed our talents. We are strong because we are dedicated team.

In China, dining, drinking, and playing games are the tradional ways to celebrate a memorable day. We expressed ourselves with songs and celebrated with beer. Looking for dazzling shoeprints on the chaotic paper, is it not a painful pleasure?

23 years is a long time, but for Everspry, our international shoeprint work is just getting started. We hope to share our technology and scientific research with our customers, business partners, and millions of people who are passionate about shoeprints, so that shoeprints can make more contributions to the field of forensics.