Shoeprint Evidence Laboratory: Personnel Training

May 10, 2024

Personnel training is acrucial purpose of the shoeprint laboratory. The laboratory trains field investigation staff in standardized shoeprint search, extraction, analysis, comparison, and identification techniques, equipping them to effectively utilize shoeprint evidence in their casework. By summarizing experience and sharing valuable knowledge, the laboratory aims to promote the formalized application of shoeprint evidence and disseminate expertise in shoeprint examination and identification to forensic experts and law enforcement personnel.

1. Searching for shoeprint evidence at a crime scene

① Trainees analyze where shoeprints may beleft in different types of scenes.
② Trainees use shoeprint search lights tolocate shoeprints at a crime scene.

2. Collecting shoeprint evidence at a crime scene

① Trainees use traditional methods to collect shoeprints.
② Trainees use high-tech equipment to collect shoeprints at crime scene.
③ Trainees learn to preserve shoeprint evidence.

3. Application of shoeprint evidence

① Trainees use shoeprint analysis software to analyze personal characteristics through crime scene shoeprints.
② Trainees analyze cases using crime scene shoeprints.
③ Trainees link cases via crime scene shoeprints.
④ Trainees learn shoeprint examination and identification.
⑤ Trainees utilize joint application of shoeprint evidence and other trace evidence.