The importance of footwear impressions and shoe model database

April 20, 2023

One day in 2022, the Public Department received a report that his house had been stolen. A lot of cigarettes and cash were missing, and the surveillance camera was cut off. The police quickly rushed to the scene for on-site investigation.

From valid evidence, only several suspicious' shoeprints were left on the crime scene. No DNA. No fingerprints. Fortunately, we can use shoeprints to find more information about the suspect.

After searching this shoeprint against Everspry shoe model database, a shoe model was matched.

The victim remembered that his nephew had same shoes as in the macthing result. The police found his nephew at home. The police compared his nephew's shoes and the shoeprint left on the crime scene. They matched ideally. Finally, his nephew confessed to the case.