Acquiring Shoeprints on Vinyl Flooring Tile

September 12, 2023

More than 95% of burglary shoeprints are dust shoeprints. Among which latent footwear impressions on light-colored vinyl flooring tiles (VFT) are considered adifficult type of shoeprint to collect. If dust shoeprints are left onlight-colored and uneven VFT surfaces, the color of the dust shoeprints will be indistinguishable from the color of the VFT. Light-colored VFT surfaces are also easily reflective, making it difficult to see the shoeprints with the naked eye, even with the assistance of a shoeprint light source.

Everspry Intelligent Shoeprint Scanner(EverISS) is a device that was specifically designed to collect difficult flat shoeprints. The device's light-emitting module emits a specific wavelength of light, under which dusty shoeprints can be clearly visualized. The device's image acquisition module scans the flat shoeprints by means of a multi-angle scanning method. With EverISS, you only need to locate the shoeprints, and the acquisition task will be handled by the device. We are dedicated to delivering the perfect results exclusively for you.

In our upcoming episode, I'll be unveiling additional types of latent shoeprints for scanning with EverISS. Stay tuned and keep a watchful eye on what's coming next!