1200DPI High-Precision Shoeprint Scanner

November 10, 2023

Everspry Intelligent Shoeprint Scanner (EverISS) can easily scan latent footwear impressions with high precision. With advanced technology, EverISS offers high-precision scanning capabilities of up to 1200DPI, meeting the stringent shoeprint identification standards of diverse countries. The scanned image size is approximately 8600 pixels by 18336 pixels (W*H). The device has a lightweight body of 7KG and a scanning speed of less than 60 seconds. The high-definition image makes scanning shoeprints on-site easier than ever before.

EverspryIntelligent Shoeprint Scanner (EverISS)

The Everspry Intelligent Shoeprint Scanner serves as an on-site shoeprint scanning device, notable for several advantages.

 1. It excels at capturing shoeprints, even those invisible to the naked eye.

With the help of a shoeprint light source, EverISS can scan latent or hidden shoeprints as long as a trace is found on the object. If a shoeprint cannot befound, investigators can use this device to scan and verify the presence of dusty shoeprints left by the suspect through experience-based judgment.

The footwear impression was collected by EverISS

2. The device ensures high image precision of 1200DPI, meeting the strict shoeprint identification standards.

 Shoeprints are often left in complex environments, making it difficult to scan them with high clarity using a shoeprint inspection light and camera. However, EverISS has developed a solution that not only scans on-site shoeprints in complex environments but also ensures their clarity, meeting the technical standards of forensic laboratories with demanding technical requirements.

 Different scanning modes utilize different methods, auxiliary light sources, and imaging algorithms. The Latent Mode has aspecial image acquisition method that results in slightly lower image clarity than the other three modes, but its ability to detect and scan shoes is the strongest.

The image which was collected by the Latent Mode

The image which was collected by the Normal Mode.

3. It offers four distinct scanning modes to cover a range of flat shoeprint collection needs.

The Latent shoeprint scanning mode includes two sub-modes, Latent mode and Normal mode. These modes are used to scan shoeprints invisible with the naked eye,shoeprints that can only be visible using shoeprint search light, and sometime seven invisible under the search light.

The Visible shoeprint scanning mode includes two sub-modes, Visible mode and Water stain mode. These modes are used to scan shoeprints visible with the naked eye.