Everspry at the ENFSI 2018

December 30, 2022

Everspry attended the 13th European ENFSI (European Network of Forensic Science Institutes) Meeting for SPTM 2018 – ENFSI Marks WG on April 10, 2018. During this meeting, we’ve demonstrated our new product, EverLSS 360, an intelligent image capturing device designed for collecting 3D shoeprints, Everspry Automated Shoeprint Matching System (EverASM) and Everspry Shoe Model Database (EverSole). The EverLSS 360 is able to collect 3D shoeprints on a variety of complex surfaces, which has been praised by many ENFSI participants. Many participants have hands-on field experience in similar collection systems themselves. During this business trip to Europe, we were invited to the Peruvian Embassy to demonstrate the EverASM to embassy officials and introduce the current role of shoeprint evidence in criminal investigation in China. We had a thorough discussion on the role of shoeprints in case investigation and invited the ambassador to visit Everspry HQ in China.