The Eleventh China International Exhibition on Police Equipment

May 19, 2023

The Eleventh China International Exhibitionon Police Equipment took place in Beijing from 11th May 2023 to 14th May 2023.Spanning an expansive area of 53,400 square meters, this exhibition will host amultitude of participants. Among them, there will be 619 domestic exhibitors representing China, as well as 40 overseas enterprises hailing from countries such as Germany, Italy, France, and others. 

Everspry, a prominent company, has eagerly prepared for this event by assembling a team consisting of professionals from the marketing, sales, and after-sales departments. With a range of over 10 diverse shoeprint products at our disposal, we are excited to showcase our latest offerings and highlight our strong commitment to scientific research.Moreover, we aim to present comprehensive solutions in the realm of footwear impression physical evidence, impressing visitors with our expertise and innovation. The response from attendees has been over whelmingly positive, as they appreciate the value we bring to the field of footwear impression analysis.

At the exhibition, we proudly presented adiverse lineup of over 10 shoeprint products. Our offerings encompassed a wide range, including field shoeprint survey lights, plane shoeprint acquisition equipment, three-dimensional shoeprint acquisition equipment, suspect shoeprint acquisition equipment, shoeprint analysis and comparison software, and Intelligent Video Shoeprint Recognition System. These products were exhibited across two venues, attracting an impressive attendance of over 5,000 visitors. 

To cater to our esteemed existing customers, we focused on sharing our latest advancements in the field and introducing the new products developed by our company. We engaged in interactive discussions, addressing any queries or concerns our customers had on the spot. Additionally, we conducted informative product presentations to highlight the unique features and benefits of our offerings. Notably, numerous loyal customers expressed their intention to purchase our new products, solidifying their trust and satisfaction in our brand.

For customers who are less familiar with the field of shoeprint material evidence,our primary focus was to disseminate knowledge about this domain and elucidate the advancements made in shoeprint material evidence within China, as well as its applications in various countries worldwide.

Our company's second booth was positioned in the first exhibition hall, ensuring maximum footfall. This exhibition hall showcased the most cutting-edge hardware and software equipment in the realm of criminal investigation in China. Despite its compact size, the booth's allure remained unaffected, capturing the curiosity and enthusiasm of the attendees.

Our company is actively engaged inpromoting its presence in the international market. Through this exhibition, we had the opportunity to connect with over 20 manufacturers specializing in international trade trace material evidence. As a result, we have reached apreliminary consensus for future collaborations. Our aim is to expand the reach of our shoeprint products to users in more countries and regions. By doing so,we aspire to contribute to the global peace and stability through the application of shoeprint material evidence. 

The brief yet eventful four-day exhibition has swiftly come to an end. We invested our efforts and dedication, which paid off in the form of audience recognition and the endorsement of our industry peers. Filled with newfound confidence, weeagerly look forward to the next exhibition, where we can continue to showcase our expertise.

Everspry, an esteemed authority in the field of shoeprint evidence, remains committed to making significant contributions in this domain.